News Releases

FBA SA 2016 Hall of Fame 
Meat packaging manufacturer Ennio International and infield wood chipping specialist L.V Dohnt and Company have been inducted to Family Business Australia’s South Australian Hall of Fame for 2016...(Read More)

Ennio in 2015 South Australia Export Award

Ennio Elastic Netting and Edible Collagen in One

Ennio goes the extra mile

Ennio exhibiting at IFFA at Frankfurt (4-9 May 2013)

New treatments added to the Fabric Casing range

Ennio brings you the best of both worlds!
Ennio distributes Viskase Casing products in Australia.

Ennio Merc-Net - The Choice is Yours!
Merc-Net to go: Cut, Clip or Sew?

Ennio, transferring your logo to your meat product
Nutrafilm, the smarter alternative to Collagen now in LogoTransfer

Ennio's Got Elastic String Covered
Ennio Elastic String now has a patented Precision Cover

Christmas Bone-in-Hams Wrapped Ennio-Style
The Perfect Christmas Ham Package

Netting Specialists Share World Class Innovations
Ennio introduces Nutrafilm to Australia

The Story of Ennio International