Elastic Netting

ennio Elastic and Rigid Nettings

Aesthetically appealing and multipurpose, the classic and colorful ennio Elastic Netting range has the widest applications. Whilist a range of conventional nettings are available address basic processing needs such as eliminating air pockets, improving color and sliceability, ennio also offers specialty and patented products to provide additional benefits. 

The solely decorative ennio Rigid Netting are also available in various patterns and colors - from traditional square to beautiful diamond, from simple white to a mix of red, white and green, the Rigid range is ideal for enhancing table presentation of your products.

Spring-Net™ Patented
Special patented stitch. Easiest to peel.
Suitable for fresh, cooked and smoked products.

Strong thick elastic. Traditional hand-tied look
Perfect for rolled roast products.
Small squares for tight binding. General purpose.
Super fine squares for extra binding needs.

Pre-Fixed Netting™
Maximum diameter control, 
excellent for product consistency of size.

Double elastic gives super binding strength and traditional look. For premium deli goods (e.g. pancetta and capocollo).

Diamond-Shaped Net™
Gives beautiful diamond indentations for decorative shape on bone-in, boneless ham and poultry products

Economy nettting for fresh meat