Netted Casing™ Patented

Elastic Netting and Casing in One

This patented product is unique in that it combines a variety of available casings, including fibrous, plastic, cellulose and collagen with elasticized netting into one and is applied in a single application.

With a full range of sizes, patterns, colors and applications available, you now have the ability and flexibility to tailor your own all-in-one "Netted-Casing" product to suit your market requirements.

  • Simplify production - applying netting and casing in a single step
  • Lower production costs with faster production rates
  • Can be used on both high speed automatic stuffing equipment and hand stuff product
  • Strong elastic pressure gives excellent indentation of net pattern and minimizes air or gel pockets
  • Easy-peel or adhesion can be obtained by the casing coatings
  • Increase sales with an easy to make, 'Old World' look
  • Available in cut & clipped lengths or shirred sticks
  • Full range of sizes, colors and coatings to meet your requirements