Frigo Impianti

Ennio International is the exclusive distributor of Frigo Impianti systems. The rooms are being used for the production of traditional Italian-style products such as capocollo (coppa), prosciutto, salame, etc. Modern technology and innovation is used to produce an authentic 'old world' style meat product.

Frigo Impianti is an Italian company that designs and produces two lines of systems for the food industry:

  • Industrial refrigeration and deep freezing line
    The design and production of air conditioning systems, industrial refrigerator and deep freezing tunnels and food processing systems.
  • Drying and seasoning systems
    For producers of prepared meat products and Parma ham (prosciutto). These systems are controlled electronically allowing the production cycle to be constantly monitored.

Both Ennio International and Frigo Impianti maintain synergies through their Company Missions, incorporating quality, customer service and advanced technology.

For further information on Frigo Impianti systems contact Ennio or

Curing Hams System - Deep Freezing Spiral - Turbo Model Drying System